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Digital Development

Jump-start your
Digital Growth

We will partner with you to digitize your business

Big Data Analytics

ETL Hadoop Driven

Our Solution Architects have serviced variety of companies and industries. We have successfully deployed production Hadoop clusters and solved a diverse range of business and technical problems. We provide hands-on expertise to address Business Problems and help companies transform and start thinking the Hadoop way.

What we have cooked!

  • Yepme’s e-Commerce Big Data Analytics
    Clickjoy’s Lead Generation Platform Analytics
  • Socialscape’s Marketing Initiatives Sentiment Analysis
  • Soinsi’s News & Articles Content Analysis
  • Guavus Telecom Data Analytics


We help you to resolve any inconsistencies or missing on massive data.


We analyze external sources or metadata to enhance the data capability for providing accurate and valuable analysis.


We reduce the redundancy in data and removes duplicates.


We help you transform data from multiple sources by using complex business logics and algorithms.


Our expert helps you in merging data from different streams providing an unified view of analytic engine.

Product Engineering

Smart, Agile, Design driven

We work with a wide range of software technology companies, including start-ups wanting to bring new solutions to the market, established companies seeking to stay ahead with new and enhanced offerings, and large technology conglomerates looking to optimize their portfolios.

What we have cooked!

  • Whirlpool Merch Migration Application
  • Shopper DrugMart’s Resource Management Application
  • Jones Lang Lasalle’s Collaboration Platform
  • Yepme’s Online Brand E-commerce Application
  • Perfect Wedding Guide’s Online Platform
  • ISAWeb Application
  • Newsbeen Application


Our multi-disciplinary teams help you convert your innovative ideas into reality.


We provide development services across all platforms and technologies.


We emphasize on innovation, flexibility, quality deliverable and cost effective re-engineering methodologies.


We employ our vast knowledge base and experience to support the maintenance requirements.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance activities are performed throughout the project life cycle, including product conception, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance.

Development services


Big Data analytics

Product engineering

Mobile solutions

Google Apps for business

Social integration

Marketing automation


We provide our clients with expertise and skills in latest technologies. Our proficient and smart technical engineers, creative web designers and developers are well-equipped with the latest technologies and tools.

Our Microsoft developers have expertise and knowledge in broad range of Microsoft technologies to create robust, scalable software solutions for you.

Our Java/J2EE technology experts have expertise and knowledge in broad range of Java/J2EE stack, frameworks and prevailing architecture patterns.
Our highly experienced team of LAMP/PHP technologies is equipped with tools to develop your products.

Need to jumpstart your digital growth?