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Are you looking for the opportunity to make an impact?

Global Strategy Manager (President office team) /グローバル戦略担当マネージャー (社長室)【日系・大手ブロックチェーン】7.7M – 13M 東京勤務

Location : Japan
Industry : Technology

Job Description:

Global Strategy Manager (President's Office Team) position at a leading Bitcoin and Blockchain company in Tokyo.

Looking for a candidate who has working experience in ① M&A strategy development or Corporate Planning or New Investment related to overseas expansion at a strategic consulting firm or a financial institution. Or ② Overseas business planning or New business development in EU/US at a business company, including forecasting and actual performance management.

ビットコイン・ブロックチェーンのリーディング企業におけるグローバル戦略担当マネージャー (社長室チーム)です。

‐ 海外事業展開に向けた戦略・KPI策定・実行支援
‐ 海外事業の年度予算などの企画立案、及び予実管理
‐ 海外事業に関連するプロジェクトの推進
‐ グローバルでの規程・ルールおよびツールの統一化
‐ その他、上記に付随する業務 
(Translated from Japanese JD)

Job Summary:
Develop the company's strategic roadmap and management plan, and implement various management tasks such as global business development, alliance building, and optimization of operations.
You will be responsible for solving various management issues such as global business development, alliance building, and optimization of operations.
The company is looking to increase the number of President's Office members in order to strengthen its global management foundation and speed up decision making in the EU, US, and other regions.
You will work in collaboration with the company's management team, heads of each department, and partner companies.
As a global company, you will be involved in all aspects of overseas business, from the formulation and implementation of "offensive" management strategies to "defensive" business management operations, in order to promote overseas business.
You will be involved in all aspects of overseas business.
Job Description:
Overseas (mainly North America, Europe, and Singapore) business strategy
– Formulate strategies and KPIs for overseas business development and support implementation
– Planning of annual budgets for overseas business, etc., and forecast/actual management
– Promotion of projects related to overseas business
– Unification of global rules, regulations, and tools
– Other tasks related to the above 


– 3年以上の事業会社/金融機関の経営戦略、経営企画、その他企画部門での実務経験
– ビジネスレベルの英語力およびビジネスレベルの日本語力
– リーダーとしてプロジェクトをリード・マネジメントしたことがある方
– 会計に関する知識
– 暗号資産(仮想通貨)及びブロックチェーンに関する高い関心があること
※ 実務経験の度合いに関わらず、本業務に取り組む中で自身の成長を目指す人材を募集
– 多くのステークホルダーや制約条件のあるプロジェクトをリードした経験
– 取締役会などの重要会議体を運営した経験
– 中期経営計画、経営戦略策定、事業戦略立案の経験
– 新規事業立上げの経験
– 業務改革(BPR)プロジェクトの経験
– プロフェッショナルとして自ら課題を定め、解決し、価値を提供できる方
– 暗号資産(仮想通貨)やブロックチェーンで世の中に変化をもたらす気概をお持ちの方
– 同社ミッションに共感できる方
– 経営者としての視点を持ちつつ、現場での業務に取り組める方
– 経営陣と現場を繋ぐハブとなり、組織全体に影響力を発揮できる方
– 客観的で正確なコミュニケーションが取れる方
– 丁寧に仕事ができ、素直さ、真摯さ、謙虚さを持ち合わせた人
– 変化への適応力がある方
– At least 3 years of experience in corporate strategy, corporate planning, or other planning departments of a business company or financial institution
3 or more years of experience in a strategy-related or similar consulting firm or FA
– Business level English and Japanese language skills
– Experience leading and managing projects as a leader
– Knowledge of accounting
– Strong interest in crypto assets (virtual currency) and blockchain
Regardless of the level of work experience, we are looking for people who aim for personal growth while working on this job.
Welcomed skills and experience
– Experience in leading projects with many stakeholders and constraints
– Experience in running important meetings such as board of directors meetings
– Experience in mid-term business plan, business strategy formulation, and business strategy planning
– Experience in launching new businesses
– Experience in business process reform (BPR) projects
The kind of person we are looking for
– A person who can define issues, solve them, and provide value as a professional.
– Those who are willing to make a difference in the world with crypto assets (virtual currency) and blockchain.
– Those who can empathize with the company's mission.
– Those who can work in the field while maintaining a managerial perspective.
– Able to serve as a hub between management and the field and exert influence on the organization as a whole
– Able to communicate objectively and accurately
– A person who can work with care, honesty, sincerity, and humility
– Have the ability to adapt to change.
SPI test will be conducted during the selection process.


勤務時間: 平日10:00~19:00 (※フレックスタイム制有)
休日・休暇: 完全週休 2 日制(土・日) 祝日
年末年始休暇、慶弔休暇、産前産後休暇、育児休暇、誕生日休暇、年次有給休暇(初年度 12 日)
想定給与: 応相談 ※ご経験や現職の年収などを考慮の上、決定致します。
・近距離住宅手当(5 万円/月を上限に当社規定により支給)
・近距離住宅奨励金(10 万円を当社規定により支給)