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Channel Growth

Streamline your sales channel for faster speed to market

Speed is key. When it comes to sales opportunities, your channel needs to be fast.

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Your sales channel has to keep up with your pace of innovation

Distributors and VARs need support to ensure quotes include the right product at the right price under the contractual terms and conditions as well as a firm delivery date—while reducing the potential for discount leakage. Our managed service teams include the following critical roles:
Data mining— Know your most important distributors and VARs so that you can prioritize response based on value.
Pricing Control— Provide the right price without stacking standard discounts and promotions.
Logistics Coordination— Commit to firm delivery dates by coordinating with your supply chain.
Product management— Ensure your channel systems include all products correctly aligned to your catalog categories.
Contract Administration— Deliver quotes with the correct contractual terms for each customer, distributor, and VAR.
Business Management— Oversee the channel workflow through governance and control.

Need to streamline your sales channel?