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Healthcare Solutions

Fast track your
products to market

We’ll work with you to create solutions and establish goals for productivity, quality and coverage—and tie our compensation to them. This means we are as motivated as you to succeed.

The business of healthcare innovation

We target and focus your marketing and sales efforts through an extended enterprise model that includes data services, lead generation, trial program coordination, transaction management and in-service support. Our proprietary prospect database helps you access key buying influencers.

Data services— Targeting is the key. Using advanced analytics, we can help you find the right customers for your product or service
Transaction management— Whether or not a trial is needed, we provide the resources necessary to support the final transaction
Lead generation— Our database includes OR Managers, ER Manager, ICU Managers, Infection Control and L&D Managers. Let us help you find your next buyer
Trial program coordination— From trial onset to conclusion, we will support your customers’ every need
In-service support— If your product requires phone, email, web, or onsite in-servicing support, we’ll provide a team ready to support your needs


You will be provided with sales expertise complimented by an understanding of the healthcare industry to ensure that product introductions are driven into the market with unrelenting pursuit. The sales professionals are focused on the coordination of leads, trials and product adoption. This allows you to flex your resources to meet your sales and marketing needs.

Need to fast track your heathcare products to market?