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Investor Marketing

Investors, Liquidity, & Capital…Delivered.

Gaining investor awareness in the 21st century requires a whole new approach — our investor conversion optimization process helps you attract, engage and convert investors more efficiently.

Emerge & Hilton Advisory Join Forces!

We welcome the Hilton Advisory Team to the Emerge family of companies.  Hilton Advisory has been a leader in the digital Investor Marketing space for the past decade.  The Hilton Advisory team will join Emerge’s Growth-As-A-Service team to deliver best in class solutions for public companies who would like to share their story with the investment community.

Investor Marketing Made Easy

Investors are searching for companies just like yours online, through SEO, SEM, and UX we make it easier for investors to find your company, and decide to invest once they do. 

Onsite— Analyze and optimize all investor facing content to improve investor conversion rates.
Inbound— We make it easy for investors searching for companies like yours to find you.
Outbound— We use marketing techniques to attract potential investors to your investor conversion optimized digital presence.
Jason Hilton

Jason Hilton

Director of Business Development

For over 15 years Jason has been passionate about helping companies and people achieve their investor acquisition goals. Helping to improve attraction and conversion rates by providing insight and actionable strategies using the industry’s best practices and benchmarks. Jason believes access to investors and capital, should not be held captive by a select few but should be available to everyone.

Sean Dougherty

Sean Dougherty

Director of Operations

Since 2005 Sean has been using his intimate knowledge of new media to create engaging and exciting investor marketing campaigns for public companies. For over a decade, Sean has guided hundreds of clients with their investor marketing needs including copywriting, web design, media buying, conversion optimization, newsletter management, video creation and more. Sean heads operations for the Investor Marketing group at Emerge.

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