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Talent Solutions

Hiring the best people at the right time just got easier

Our recruiting teams have deep functional expertise across all of your enterprise verticals.  We have extensive networks and relationships with the world’s best talent. We provide multi-functional, multi-industry global talent solutions, delivered based on your needs

Talent Acquisition

Direct Hire – Our recruiting teams have decades of experience and leverage our global network of contacts and candidates to deliver direct hire talent our clients want to hire.

Professional Contract – Flex your professional, technical and executive teams to meet demand by using our freelancers, independent professionals or consultants on short and long-term contract engagements.

Emerge to Perm —You can opt to hire new employees on a temporary-to-permanent basis to “test the waters” instead of diving right into a direct hire. Many of our professional contract staff are seeking long-term, direct hire opportunities as well.  

Temporary StaffingOur recruiting teams provide temporary staff to augment your permanent staff. We provide the right talent for your project, temporary and seasonal needs.  Our Staffing teams cover administrative, technical, sales, light industrial and customer/call center teams. 

Recruitment Process OutsourcingDedicated recruiters – our place or yours. Our recruiting teams can step in to manage or supplement your internal recruiting and/or temporary staffing processes. We leverage our internal resources and have the expertise to manage your external recruiting vendors.

Talent Optimization Team

Talent Optimization

Emerge Optimize provides the only full talent optimization platform and consulting service in the world.  Our talent assessment and analytics technology allow you to hire the best, develop high performing leaders and managers, align teams to strategic objectives, and measure and improve employee engagement – all in one platform.  

We are a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index (PI). Our team of Certified PI Practitioners provide talent optimization implementation, support, consulting and training.  

Emerge Optimize is a Predictive Index Master Training Center. Our Certified PI Training and Consulting Team provides clients with the full suite of PI Talent Optimization Workshops. 

Visit Emerge Optimize at

The most common barrier to achieving your business strategy is your talent. We help you bridge the gap with a fully integrated Talent Optimization platform and a long-term implementation partnership. 

Hiring and Selection Process
Resumes don’t always give us the true picture. But objective data does. Start predicting candidate fit, remove bias, reduce turnover, and make better hires. Our “Hire” platform provides unlimited use behavioral and cognitive assessment tools that help you navigate job requirements and expectations, and improve hiring process efficiency and accuracy for internal and external candidates.
Manager and Leader Performance Managers and leaders leverage PI tools and support to become more self-aware and empower their team members by understanding what drives each individual and the team. The “Inspire” platform provides tools to improve employee development, coaching, onboarding, career path identification and employee engagement.
Talent Strategy Design
Our “Design” platform allows you to assess a team’s strategic goals and its collective behavioral identity and visualize where the team is suited to succeed and where they may need to stretch. Let our platform and expertise help uncover your team type for higher performance and develop action plans to achieve business plans.
Employee Engagement​
The PI Diagnose solution solves engagement challenges and helps you move toward high employee engagement. Through our PI Diagnose platform we provide unlimited engagement analytics, with a focus on gap identification and manager action plans. We refocus engagement from just data to great data and action plans to drive improvement and results.